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Philo-of-Indiana PCIP Vendors, MARC Records, Etc? 141 2 6 hours ago by a-h-k
Matmira Interior Reviewer: Page size/trim size/text in margin errors 153 7 1 day ago by reffort
Darinfan The Picture Problem! 120 4 2 days ago by Darinfan
Lisakay Help me with numbering... 112 4 2 days ago by GoMePub
RunnerGuy Converting CreateSpace doc to kindle doc Question 71 1 3 days ago by walton
dsw67 Paperback removed from Amazon but kindle version still there 60 1 3 days ago by walton
Gronk Cannot Access Interior Reviewer Tool 86 4 4 days ago by lipmag
Lisakay Getting Fancy with Font? 62 2 4 days ago by walton
Noeno Help! Unconventional idea 100 3 5 days ago by Noeno
DrNick31522 Interior Default Text 67 1 6 days ago by Seisa
DeeG Best company to use to format and prepare your book for create space 318 3 6 days ago by CREATIVE
Larel Cover template not working for me 137 2 1 week ago by walton
docnoni irregular line space 90 1 1 week ago by walton
niceguy2018 question ?? 134 2 1 week ago by walton
JenniferGarcia PLEASE HELP 224 10 1 week ago by walton
PatLB Adding pictures that will show up on Amazon for customers to see? 57 2 1 week ago by PatLB
typo2 editing manuscript 95 1 1 week ago by lipmag
Pantego Need Help with Book Size 90 1 1 week ago by lipmag
Aspie Adding page numbers to Createspace template 131 5 1 week ago by Maaku
michaellanfield Need Help with Margin Sizing 216 7 2 weeks ago by michaellanfield
Sticks File formats and sizes for a grayscale coloring book 106 3 2 weeks ago by Sticks
Sammy7 Back book Cover 111 2 2 weeks ago by walton
pathwayrev DPI issues when going from Pages to PDF 1,176 30 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Scotty2Hotty Is it possible to change the bleed of a cover that's already made? 147 3 2 weeks ago by stevoz
OldAngler How to publish a book that is written in Korean? 110 1 2 weeks ago by Seisa
Elliotu How many words are on a page for a novel? 239 5 3 weeks ago by enkidu
ronaldmurphyjr I CANNOT DO THIS!! 182 2 3 weeks ago by Seisa
Loyalist How do I insert three new pages into a published work? 110 1 3 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Theodoret Gutter and margin settings 167 3 3 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
kelly08 Workbook with pictures 246 3 4 weeks ago by walton