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Urrk Can't Remove Level 2 in TOC 44 3 30 minutes ago by Magic_Man
go-for-it RE:  Apple's new Pages program. 122 4 17 hours ago by Chief444
Hagopian "Book Review Club"  Join this thread if you are willing to write reviews and have your book reviewed. 260,649 630 18 hours ago by Chessie
walton Text Bleeding Off the Page 149 3 3 days ago by walton
metacarpal interior file image quality problems 174 4 3 days ago by walton
Tc101 Transfer to Kindle (Third Parties) 70 0 5 days ago by Tc101
espo How to insert page numbers in Microsoft Word 156 5 5 days ago by walton
Shoshanah Formatting of the blurb in CreateSpace and Amazon 228 7 1 week ago by Shoshanah
Flo-Rian About the author: left or right page? 206 4 1 week ago by walton
Cosette How many punctuation errors are too many? 639 26 1 week ago by stevoz
Jon_Q_Public Confused about setting up for purchase and streaming. 77 0 1 week ago by Jon_Q_Public
Krissey Can I make slight changes in my e-book after its publication on 167 2 1 week ago by Krissey
SpineDoctor CreateSpace Won't accept the ISO file 900 14 1 week ago by DrJohn48
crestes Custom page size 128 1 1 week ago by lipmag
meshew how do i combine 4 short books to sell as a set. 122 2 1 week ago by meshew
VPJim Publisher 2010 to Word conversion 124 1 1 week ago by Lighthouse24
Stephan_Heard Question about Cover 162 3 2 weeks ago by lipmag
Krissey non-breaking em-dash for Italicized text? 122 2 2 weeks ago by Krissey
BillS Larger size for  cookbook? 116 1 2 weeks ago by lipmag
Edallaire Creating ebook version with word mac and calibre 394 12 2 weeks ago by idov
CateMac What are the options for Cookbook sizes? 130 1 2 weeks ago by lipmag
Y2015 Unhappy with the Review Process 340 9 2 weeks ago by Bengal
Edallaire Testing Procedures and Priorities for Proofing 171 5 2 weeks ago by Lighthouse24
Meggo Page Number Problem - No Odd Numbers 194 4 2 weeks ago by Meggo
Ketta ISBN Superimpose 205 4 2 weeks ago by stevoz
RedFred Image DPI and embedded fonts 324 14 2 weeks ago by Ransom
Magic_Man Books received with printing errors 128 2 2 weeks ago by McMullen_4D
Shiraya How to flatten the book cover graphics with transparencies (or layers) of pictures in a MS PowerPoint file when converting it to a PDF file using primoPDF? 169 4 2 weeks ago by Shiraya
AnzaBee Embedding in Word not working 115 1 2 weeks ago by walton
Dollhouses Sample chapters 125 2 2 weeks ago by Dollhouses