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ChrisfromGreece Problem with jpegs for cd artwork and aiff apple files 315 7 1 hour ago by ChrisfromGreece
Mr.Write Mr. White has a question 175 7 16 hours ago by Lorem_Ipsum
RosaBeatrice Why does it change my font? 54 1 1 day ago by Maaku
RosaBeatrice Does anyone here happen to know of a lawyer in Italy? 42 1 1 day ago by Oreohelix
deedeedolores deedeedolores 59 1 1 day ago by Lighthouse24
cardboardmonetdesign Need help formatting your book? 37 0 1 day ago by cardboardmonetdesign
DBPatt Review Process bass ackwards 865 43 3 days ago by DBPatt
MiniguideTuristiche problem formatting with PagePlus 9x 118 5 5 days ago by MiniguideTuristiche
camerado Error message when I upload an .iso for Amazon Video - "File Size must be a Multiple of 2048 Bytes" 384 3 5 days ago by Relester
kingonort Exported pdf from Sibelius 404 4 6 days ago by kingonort
Poetry15 What am I doing wrong??? 170 3 1 week ago by templewms
BlueAce13 Book size not same as .PDF as Word doc 128 3 1 week ago by templewms
DaveyD Has Page Scaling option stopped? 404 6 1 week ago by DaveyD
Tai-Paz Query re MS Word Anomaly 151 4 1 week ago by Tai-Paz
tagrich Newbie needs help with cover formatting and other issues! 125 3 1 week ago by Seisa
RainbowRay InDesign Templates? 148 3 1 week ago by lipmag
NikHac Embed fonts, convert to PDF, nothing is working 437 3 1 week ago by Nade
JuzzMeAhGin Problem with Upload but says its fixed...won't let me proof! 143 2 1 week ago by lipmag
queen1 I need help on placing numbers on the bottom of pages 136 2 1 week ago by Magic_Man
Wibbs Queries with Headers and Footers 163 5 1 week ago by Magic_Man
Sunflowergate If choosing black and white printing, do colour photographs end up with good quality 'gray scale'? 433 17 1 week ago by Sunflowergate
Charity.Leigh Anyone have answers about a space at the end of each page...not in my document...only in Createspace version...they will not give me a straight answer...? 221 5 1 week ago by Lorem_Ipsum
blubb Template for 8.5 x 8.5 inches (Illustrator) 352 1 2 weeks ago by OrchardLeaf64
wolfbo Instant Video File Format 734 4 2 weeks ago by wolfbo
Winterland Questions about cover changes 209 6 2 weeks ago by Ninian
Jemm Hardback cover option? 277 10 2 weeks ago by Seisa
Sunflowergate In setting up formatting in Word, is right-justification required prior to conversion to PDF  used for submission? 553 22 2 weeks ago by Sunflowergate
hrfk13 Random Spaces in Formatted Template 105 1 2 weeks ago by walton
Ewk30 question regarding kindle and blank pages 199 4 2 weeks ago by Ewk30
Tortuga1945 Cover Creation 143 0 2 weeks ago by Tortuga1945