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ellalouise CMYK, blurs, gradients, converting files Thanks 60 2 1 hour ago by ellalouise
ClintonMcCoy best book cover design company and pricing 945 33 2 days ago by lipmag
LindasG I am looking to have a children's book formatted by an experienced Createspace friendly supplier. I have the illustrations and the edited text for each page; but will need to have formatted and then give to Createspace to publish. Any recommendations? 92 1 2 days ago by lipmag
Thomisa Problem transferring images to Word 548 7 3 days ago by smeg
rickcarufel Confused 101 1 4 days ago by Parleremo
SusieFanGirl Question about title pages 118 2 5 days ago by Lighthouse24
Starwatcher Problems with comic print quality. 220 2 6 days ago by Starwatcher
Ally340 Changing Size of iPad book to 8.5 x 11 122 2 6 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Dragonish Best templates for a  trim size 6 by 9, black and white book 207 7 1 week ago by Dragonish
Yrag Does the"full color" option apply to the entire manuscript? 83 1 1 week ago by Seisa
MrsMummypenny Hiya..I need help with pricing and relative profits from book 87 2 1 week ago by JDEckland
Doxphoto TOC for kindle with Word 2003? 208 7 1 week ago by danwiz
Rich_Loewe Skewed pages in test print... is that 'normal'? 130 4 1 week ago by Lighthouse24
MonicaB_Art Who offers formatting services for Children's book? 143 4 1 week ago by lipmag
SevenDucks Formatting For Graphic Novel 144 1 1 week ago by SevenDucks
ellalouise Colors Off, But not All-vector to png to jpg 176 2 1 week ago by ellalouise
MsMTG PLEASE Help!! 604 11 2 weeks ago by MsMTG
annie2004 children's book 417 9 2 weeks ago by annie2004
JulesHndz Considering a future change of CS ISBN to my own 277 5 2 weeks ago by JulesHndz
RoseJ Uploaded ISO for DVD-still says awaiting materials? 321 3 2 weeks ago by Relester
chriscc17 Problem uploading movie to ISO format 215 1 2 weeks ago by Relester
walkhouse How come inserting page numbers costs a bundle? 320 6 2 weeks ago by Maaku
RaychelRose MS Template Issues (Margins and Page Numbers) 171 1 2 weeks ago by danwiz
Author-Author A Bit Confused about PDF Cover Submission Sizes 244 5 2 weeks ago by Author-Author
JulesHndz Questions about the imprint 420 7 2 weeks ago by JulesHndz
jclguru Exporting in Scribus Settings 248 5 2 weeks ago by Parleremo
TonyW Help with uploading zipped .aiff files to create a CD 249 1 2 weeks ago by Chris55
Fremont CutePDF ICM Setting for Color Print 189 0 3 weeks ago by Fremont
J_Elder Made in the USA? 516 9 3 weeks ago by Cumara
beefsteak Editing a PDF 371 5 3 weeks ago by beefsteak