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UzoGod Interiorior Images Rejected for Being Blury 8 0 34 minutes ago by UzoGod
peterjack I found one error... Does that justify updating the book? 51 2 1 hour ago by Maaku
Johnny_Scarlotti no ToC for cs paperback, but want 1 for kindle? 61 1 22 hours ago by Seisa
starfromjersey Where do I put blank pages?! 161 5 2 days ago by danwiz
BerMcC Images did not appear in proof copy 252 11 2 days ago by danwiz
LEM2 Transparancies? 121 2 2 days ago by Lighthouse24
Barrie Too much space in Header 277 4 4 days ago by Barrie
trevvert OpenOffice: How to delete headers before first chapter 187 3 6 days ago by Maaku
Max61 I received the PDF download for my Anthology for Proofing. I use word 2004 for Mac, cannot edit the PDF Proof as received and cannot get the document to make sense for edit in word for mac 2004. Is there a way to edit the returned PDF format with my Mac? 166 4 6 days ago by Max61
TheBarrd New to Macbook... 129 1 1 week ago by lipmag
theoldmole How to keep cover? 137 2 1 week ago by Seisa
Milton57 How to Convert  final proofed PDF to Epub? 230 3 1 week ago by Ransom
mbsargent Advice on printing smooth black and white linework. 2,634 45 1 week ago by mbsargent
anatares what font to use 637 15 2 weeks ago by danwiz
epiktek Template for Word 2007? 243 4 2 weeks ago by R.C.
JMay centering in header/footer 176 2 2 weeks ago by JMay
Bengal Proof Reading/Corrections 365 7 2 weeks ago by Lighthouse24
FloridaFred Page limitation 204 2 2 weeks ago by lipmag
JollyRogers Looking For An Image Program 396 6 2 weeks ago by Ransom
LSablowski What happens after approving proof? 210 2 2 weeks ago by LSablowski
Krissey can I fix an error in the spelling of my pseudonym in Kindle book 344 5 2 weeks ago by Krissey
Booking Gutter margins too narrow in my Printed Proof 618 15 3 weeks ago by Booking
knittinglady uploading issue 234 3 3 weeks ago by R.C.
Thamis Exporting to .pdf from Libreoffice 509 8 3 weeks ago by Seal
dsmidius Scrivener for Mac users 214 2 3 weeks ago by R.C.
SAM55 No spines in CS Create Cover software? 199 1 3 weeks ago by Oreohelix
nilknarfdier Another question about novel book size? 250 3 3 weeks ago by Seisa
dsmidius margin formatting for Mac pages 236 3 3 weeks ago by lipmag
Laurieann26 I need help.. with loading my book cover 239 3 3 weeks ago by lipmag
sundance7490 Do not know how to make an ISO file!! 2,897 19 4 weeks ago by bobbylaw