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Neverts Confussing Cover issues 26 1 1 hour ago by Maaku
sallee roman numeral page numbering 52 4 7 hours ago by danwiz
Zwatson0 Can I format doc to start a new chapter in middle of page? 77 2 1 day ago by ShariR
monkey44 Editing a print book already for sale? 80 2 2 days ago by lipmag
dizzydog Need Input on Best Software to Create PDF Files 53 1 2 days ago by lipmag
Zwatson0 How can I create chapter beginnings with the number on a different line than its title, and not mess up the table of contents 89 5 2 days ago by danwiz
SimmGirl Help with images 104 3 3 days ago by Maaku
RizvisPM Arabic File Preparation; And Arabic Book Cover 51 0 3 days ago by RizvisPM
thatguy1234 kindle kids creator tool (mobi) to pdf? 78 1 3 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
WalkerColt How do I format a citation for a republished book? 114 5 3 days ago by templewms
grNadpa Appropriate Section Usage (Word 2016) 259 8 4 days ago by grNadpa
JooJooBean Coloring Book Page Numbering Question 107 3 6 days ago by Oreohelix
Chaya .ai or rasterize 146 2 1 week ago by walton
ange2515 What PDF Creator to use? 148 3 1 week ago by walton
AndrewL Publisher 95 1 1 week ago by templewms
JeanNatasha formatting and pricing 202 6 1 week ago by JeanNatasha
nightngle converting word document to pdf adds extra blank pages 210 8 1 week ago by nightngle
DMBarr Review Copies 136 3 1 week ago by Seisa
Neverts Addressing widows and orphans cause different white space 186 6 1 week ago by Neverts
sallee centering pictures and text 297 9 2 weeks ago by Maaku
Graphiteman Where to leave note to printer? 101 2 2 weeks ago by Graphiteman
griffinxi Necessary to vertically justify text in MS Word? (Uneven margins) 600 22 2 weeks ago by griffinxi
Lil-bit Formatting changes after converting to PDF 530 14 2 weeks ago by Lil-bit
Austruck Digital proofer not loading? 118 2 2 weeks ago by Austruck
Geronimo69 template issue 178 5 2 weeks ago by Geronimo69
Sangeet Borders or bleed? 224 4 2 weeks ago by Sangeet
aldev Best point size and line spacing for a 9" x 6" self-help book? 83 0 2 weeks ago by aldev
harslo Printing errors 171 3 2 weeks ago by harslo
salesreadiness Looking for help in creating a workbook/training manual to go with my sales book? 147 2 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Marty3895 Freelancer Needed 171 2 2 weeks ago by Litera