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dsmidius Page Break or Section Break???? 139 3 1 day ago by Seisa
GenesisPublishing Why I don't succeed to choose shipping methods? 117 2 3 days ago by GenesisPublishing
DearParkWatr Help - document is acting strangely 202 6 4 days ago by walton
Visionary2918 Manuscript Submission 112 1 5 days ago by walton
Onesimus CreateSpace Formatted Template Word 97-2003 183 6 6 days ago by Onesimus
RdeHwyl Help! No matter what I do, loading my interior file changes the page arrangement! 194 4 6 days ago by walton
SachinDate How to Publish a Heavily Illustrated eBook on Amazon Kindle?without butchering the illustrations 122 0 1 week ago by SachinDate
Graphic_Designer I will format your book to print without any issues. 195 2 1 week ago by Seisa
DonPanAuthor HELP! Tearing my hair out on formatting last page of chapter!! 194 4 1 week ago by DonPanAuthor
LilBookBug Cover being tweaked by CreateSpace? 172 3 1 week ago by McMullen_4D
AvaBradley Createspace article on recommended fonts? 420 9 1 week ago by reffort
Graphic_Designer I will create children book illustrations 104 0 1 week ago by Graphic_Designer
CarolynVHamilton How can I publish a square format book with black & white interior? 156 3 1 week ago by CarolynVHamilton
RLAP Bookwright to PDF without "sample" text at bottom. 172 2 1 week ago by RLAP
Jetforeverhome Minor edits once published 263 6 2 weeks ago by danwiz
fiddlemojo help converting from Word to PDF 346 8 2 weeks ago by QuillingBee
NikHac Embed fonts, convert to PDF, nothing is working 216 2 2 weeks ago by QuillingBee
dsmidius using CS word templates in Mac's Pages 318 6 2 weeks ago by lipmag
Ebond Page Numbers Issue 347 8 2 weeks ago by Ebond
UDEME How can I format my book to be readable on Kindle? 140 1 2 weeks ago by Ninian
UDEME Is JPEG format acceptable for children picture book? 136 1 2 weeks ago by Seisa
B1010 The cover file does not meet our submission requirements for the reason(s) listed below. 145 1 2 weeks ago by walton
Onesimus Typeset for Mathematics text 500 11 2 weeks ago by Onesimus
RC2014 In Word 2007 CS document, words cling together at random. Why? 544 7 3 weeks ago by RC2014
sallyember 5 x 8 with over 500 pages: inner margins/gutter sizes, please? 434 12 3 weeks ago by sallyember
wolfbo Instant Video File Format 330 2 3 weeks ago by wolfbo
Mobi Review states: 'Text outside the margins' - but not so. Do I Ignore? 267 3 3 weeks ago by Mobi
Jon_Q_Public Are menus ok? Only a main menu? 276 2 4 weeks ago by Jon_Q_Public
PeteW Hand Drawn Illustrations 379 5 4 weeks ago by PeteW
Jimmer How can I format contents with same chapter numbers. 293 3 1 month ago by Ninian